Exo karty fanfic


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Sehun is the son of Athena, the goddess of many things such as arts, crafts, strategy, inspiration, etc. Because of being the son of Athena, Sehun is great at strategy games, arts and crafts and gets easily inspired when doing art. But, he isn't aware that he is The Exo-Force team has finally destroyed Meca One! As they begin to push the Robots to defeat, little do they know, a traitor is around them, and has been watching every movement of theirs. And now, the Exo-Force team will have to face some of their biggest nightmares, and choices that could even mean having to betray your own friends. Suddenly the elevator stopped with jerk! And the kind of smoke started to produce there.

Exo karty fanfic

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Updated Jul 23, 2019 . Published May 2, 2015 . Status Subscribers only, Members only. Tags action fantasy magic reverseharem exo ot12 cardau. Characters You as Amara || EXO . Retired from special forces unit EXO, Park Chanyeol spends his days educating the refugees that long since fled his war-torn home planet. Five years after the death of his partner, and the day Chanyeol lost the very last of his innocence, his enigmatic ex-boyfriend returns to his side pleading for him to rejoin their dying cause.

#exo #chanyeol #park chanyeol #exo fanfics #exo fanfiction #k fanfiction #exo k #exo k fanfics #exo k fanfiction #exo scenarios . 8 notes. Sunday. Chanyeol: Negligible Feelings - Chapter 4. Note: I hope you’re anticipating ~ Keep reading.

Exo karty fanfic

Upvote Upvote (42) Subscribe Unsubscribe 22386 views Author(s) All_Time_Music Follow author. Updated Jul 23, 2019 .

Exo karty fanfic

title: every little thing she does ship/s: baekhyun/xiumin, baekhyun/xiumin/kai if you want it strongly enough rating: r word count: 6,044 summary: When seductress and pickpocket Baekhyun, dressed as alter ego Lady B, meets the alluring Sohee, a notorious thief of magical items the wanted signs know better as Xiumin, Baekhyun thinks Lady Luck has struck.


Exo karty fanfic

Por el momento no necesitamos más CDC. Gracias. EXO Y TU - fanfics. 3.224 Me gusta. ¡Hola EXO-L's! esta página fue creada para ustedes y nadie más, espero que les guste ^u^ Fanfics (Fanfics Exo En Español (Baekyeol)) Español. Recordando . Chanyeol amaba ver ese video, Baekhyun lo odiaba, le avergonzaba.

Exo karty fanfic

A girl who wants nothing else than peace and quiet from her best friend who keeps crying her heart out of her favorite boy band, Exo, as well as dragging her along to every single on Dreamer (EXO FanFic LUHAN love story) 56.1K 400 19 this is a story of a girl that going back to Korea to work, but her past keep her remembering the painful feeling she had before, an till she meet a 12 handsome man that she is going to work on, but one of them bring a wonderful feeling that she has before. a romance,drama,comedy,love story Apr 19, 2016 · The Kiss (Exo Kai fanfic) 95.8K Reads 3.2K Votes 25 Part Story. By Fanfanfictionig Ongoing - Updated Apr 19, 2016 Embed Story Share via Email For centuries, the people of Planet EXO have been keeping the peace between the other planets in the 7th sector and they continued to do so. One night a group from Death Planet known as the Hunters attacked the people and the leaders of each clan sent one person to a different sector so they could grow up safely. Dec 04, 2018 · (Percy Jackson x EXO crossover). Sehun is the son of Athena, the goddess of many things such as arts, crafts, strategy, inspiration, etc. Because of being the son of Athena, Sehun is great at strategy games, arts and crafts and gets easily inspired when doing art.

No escribo esto como un «comunicado» ni nada parecido. Simplemente lo hago porque creo que me ahorrará tener que responder 21/1/2014 116458 FANFICS. 539720 CAPITULOS. 2118262 REVIEWS. ULTIMOS FANFICS. Esta historia tiene algunos personajes que son integrantes del grupo kpop EXO, sin embargo se desarrolla de tal forma que no es necesario conocer al grupo para disfrutar de la historia.

Palavras 16.598. Atualizada há 4 dias às 12:38. Idioma Português Categorias Eldarya Apr 20, 2019 - Explore Katy Szkola's board "EXO" on Pinterest. See more ideas about exo, sehun, exo sehun. Un am… # Fanfic # amreading #.

Newer Comments > Elenna nói: 14.11.2014 lúc 7:48 Chiều. Fic BABY BABY với YÊU THƯƠNG là vì chủ nhà đổi tên wp ấy, có gì bạn sử lại link đi. Cansadas de no encontrar un sitio en el cual compartir nuestros fanfics de livejournal en español de EXO. Hemos creado esta comunidad con la iniciativa de que todas las personas que lo desean participen y hagan "publicidad" a sus trabajos para darlos a conocer. E igual invitar a los demás a leer alguna historia que nos haya llamado la atención. Selamat datang di EXO L FanFiction^^ Blog ini tempatnya para EXO L saling berbagi imajinasi lewat fanfiction dengan Main Cast EXO. Jika kalian tertarik untuk mengirimkan fanfiction kesini silahkan kirim ke exolfanfic02@gmail.com sesuai format yang sudah ditentukan .

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todas las creaciones e historias son propias . Three months. Two strangers. One project. YES. THE SUBTITLES ARE NOT ACTUALLY MATCHED.